Tunas Kreasi Perkasa

Since 1983, Tunas Kreasi Perkasa Express has always been the trusted brand for a fast and safe shipment. Until today, they make sure their customers always get the best service.

Logo Concept

We started with a 'ribbon' sketch for the logo because we want to symbolize a flowing business for Tunas Kreasi Perkasa Express. Then we work from there to create a shape that is somehow both circular and triangular at the same time. The final logo shape is in triangular shape to symbolise a company with a stable standing, with a rather rounded edges as an indication that the each of the company's employees work as a whole.


The colour we picked is blue and it holds several representations. First is because Tunas Kreasi specializes in shipping via sea, thus the blue. And secondly, it is a widely used colour for a company to look reliable and responsible. However, we chose a steel blue to reinforce that strong and dependable image for the company.