Quest Lagoon Seminyak

Quest Lagoon Hotel has eyed the prestigious site in Bali, Seminyak, to build its new property. The condotel will be managed and developed by Aston International Group and Istana Group respectively.


Quest Lagoon website has a slightly different purpose. Rather than as a promotional tool to let public purchase the property, the site is to attract investors. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on the images. Make them interesting, make them tell a story.


The parallax technique created a one-page style site which is easy to navigate, just scroll to look through every single page. And in a sense, it creates a story since visitors are brought into viewing the site in an orderly manner.

While designing the website, we believed that parallax technique can be used to make the site looked sophisticated. The high resolution image we used for the background brought colours to the site by itself, and appeals to whoever viewed the site.