Kuningan City

Kuningan City is a lifestyle and entertainment destination that is located in an elite neighbourhood in Jakarta. It offers a place where people can live, do business, shop, and do leisure within the building complex.


Kuningan City wanted a website to promote its new mall. Their request was to make the website to be elegant as to put emphasis on the luxury it offers, and had to 'sparkle' to match the logo. The need to show their tagline, 'work, rest, and play', was also a point to consider while designing the website.


So we came up with a 'full-blast' site with its background that doubles as a slideshow. Kuningan City can put in high resolution photos to show visitors how they can 'work, rest, and play' under one building. The side navigation bar is animated as such that it gives the effect of 'soft sparkle'. Each category will have a different but relevant background, this is to backup our concept of having each category telling a different story.

The result is a site that looks glamorous without being too over-the-top which gives Kuningan City a different vibe from other malls