Tree House Kindergarten

This website concept is paper craft, similar to what children play where they carefully cutting out shapes from the paper. That is why the illustrations have a thick white frame and dotted line, except the houses, it is supposed to represent the real Tree House Kindergarten. The illustration style is simple is easy so children can recognize each shape easily and able to relate to them. The whole illustrations use a combination of humble and cheerful colours that easily attract children's attention.

Logo Concept

We literally put the 'tree' and 'house' into the logo drawing. The logo is symbolical; it is widely known that a tree house represents childhood innocence. To a child, a tree house is his/her palace, sheltering him/her from everything bad in the world. This is the kind of image we want for Tree House Kindergarten, a place where children can learn and have fun without any worries. Colour It is their 'real' colours, meaning, the leaves are green, the bark and the house (made of wood) are brown. We use lighter shades of the colours because we want to produce a fun and cheerful image.

Wall Art

A reproduction of similar illustration will be drawn on the building's lobby. The 5100mm x 900mm illustration welcomes the children as they went in to the classes.