Nevi Kusuma

Nevi Kusuma graduated from the prestigious design school in Jakarta, ESMOD. And after having quite an experience in fashion design, she decided to make fashion as her lifeline, thus 'Nevi Kusuma' brand is created.


Nevi Kusuma and View website is both owned by Nevi Kusuma but the two website are very distinct. The style of clothes is different, with different target market, and certainly needed two kind of design.


We need to create two different website that individually reflects each brand. View clothing is for daily fashion thus the need of a light hearted, fun, but modern design. While Nevi Kusuma, specializing in dresses/gown, it will need to project the elegant image. So we use feminine colours throughout the site.

The result is a two distinct website that each bring about their brand image and definitely satisfy the client and ourselves.