Jawa Power

PT. Jawa Power is a power station located in East Java, Indonesia. Under the multi-owner management, they are responsible in supplying electricity for Java and Bali.


The representative of Jawa Power came to us and requested our service in making a website. Their request was to make a functional and informative one, and in addition, Jawa Power also wished for a 'one page website. They also wanted to incorporate parallax technique into their site. We need to think how we develop a site which contains all of the requested elements without sacrificing its design, while making it appealing to a wide audience.


Thinking about how we can appeal to a wide audience, we decided to use an image of their power station taken during the sunset; the result was an alluring photo. Taking advantage by using the photo as the static background, we then integrate the parallax scrolling technique. Since everything is fitted into a single page, it makes the site easier to navigate.

We succeeded in building a one page parallax website that is both entertaining and informative without sacrificing its design.