Galerie De Noir

Galerie de noir is an e-commerce website that sells accessories. It has a dark theme which gives the design a modern edge look.


The owner specifically asked for a dark themed website and has to 'sparkle' at the same time. The request intrigued us because there is a chance that the combination turns out to be a little cliched. We also need to take into account on how to make the product images stand out against the dark colour.


The purpose of visiting Galerie de Noir is to shop, so we focused in making the 'SHOP NOW' text big and 'sparkling' to attract visitors' attention.

Textured background creates a dimension to the site, and eventually allowed the product images to stand out elegantly. Contrast colours like white, red, and magenta were used to give some excitement to the whole design.

The black theme gives Galerie de Noir a fashionable feeling. It also builds up the brand image of being an online store that sells premium product. It is a website that can appeal to a wide range of customers.