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Why Integrate Social Networks to Your Website

by Marcia Posted in Inspiration September 12, 2012 1


We just cannot deny how social networks are taking over our lives. For regular public, there are Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Path, whereas designers or artistic people tend to use Dribbble, Deviant Arts, Pinterest, Behance to show their works. YouTube is a special case, but it can be appropriate to some. And those are just a few; there are a whole lot more social networks available out there.

For example, if your website acts as an online gallery, you can try to use Pinterest or Deviant Arts to share some of your work. Some of the big company, like Peugeot Panama, is a prime example of maximizing the usage of Pinterest board to create a campaign and managed to gain great success from it.

It is because all social networks share one similarity, which is flexible in sharing things to others. If one person likes it, he/she would share it to his/her peers and hopefully keep sharing it to others. Therefore, creating a name for yourself or your brand among the society would be pretty straightforward.

By posting updates to your Twitter, create upcoming events in Facebook, and so on, will help to decrease the gap between you and your audience/fans. They think that you are more 'approachable', and brands more 'human'.

Having social networks integrated in to your website will also help to develop an online personality and identity. Businesses that usually deals in the industrial sector may not use the more popular social networks, because it is too 'fun', but they are most likely to use LinkedIn.

Of course, using social networks to help increase traffic to your website or grow your business is easier said than done but it is advantageous to have. Use your social network effectively and you will enjoy the traffic it generates.
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