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Some of you may not be familiar with the terms Flat Design yet. But I’m sure that all of you have seen the design before. And it is not exactly a ‘new’ concept per se; it’s just that Flat Design has been increasingly popular these past few years. Now it is the favorite trending design in this 2013.

Since 2010, it is all about 3D effects in terms of depth, perception, and so on. There are lots of websites that utilizes this 3D effect to show buttons, shadows, and animations. However, it is no longer the case. As you can see, Windows has adopted Flat Design to promote their latest product, Windows 8.

 Pixaal - Windows 8

Rumors told that Apple will also be using flat design for the upcoming iOS. Why not check the video and tell me what you think.

Flat Design shows off the flat, simple, yet bold design without any heavy effects such as drop shadow, gradients, texture, and/or animations to create depth and dimensions. Though, being flat does not mean that it has no effects or animations at all. Instead, Flat Design is interesting in its own way by focusing on using solid colors only; a variety of colors can be used in a single page as long as the designer is confident in using it.

Designing a flat webpage is not as simple as it looks. It needs to be attractive and beautiful, focusing on every single detail in order to make every single design element works together. And, of course, not to be boring in the process because there will be no animation trick to hide the imperfection of user interface.

What intrigues the fans of Flat Design is that it promotes a clean user interface with its solid color and minimal animations, and it is easy to understand for everyone. It is a pretty straightforward design.

Flat design loves to be paired with typography, like this example here:

Mark Simonson

 Pixaal - Mark Simonson

It is also popular to pair them with lines, boxes, and circles.


Pixaal - Wistia

But don’t just stop there. Try using Flat Design in a responsive website; you are in for a pleasant surprise. It will look good on desktop as well as on mobile sites. And that is definitely a win-win.

So far, mobile apps and its promotional websites have been using it. Here are some examples for the mobile apps:


Pixaal - Note'd

Spell Tower

Pixaal - Spell Tower


Pixaal - Invoisse


Pixaal - Vine

The reason why Flat Design is popular in mobile applications is because it simplifies the user interface. Designers can utilize it to tell users what to do, where to click, how to play, and so on.

Simple design will save everyone’s time. You see, people are impatient. They want to get their hands on information as soon as possible. With smart design, information can be conveyed to people and be understood easily, without sacrificing its appearance.

And this type of design is perfect to convey the one most important thing in a website, content. Skillfully guide users where to look, what to read, with words and images that have been carefully calculated in the layout design.

As said before, Flat Design is without fancy effect and animations thus will make your web pages load quickly.

There are 5 reasons why Flat Design is the next (if not now) big thing:

  • Flat design is “honest”

Its design is a simple.

  • Flat design is trendy

It is fresh, clear, light, and modern.

  • Flat design is functional

It focuses on the content.

  • Flat design is light

It loads quickly as it has less animation.

  • Flat design is flexible

It can be combined with a responsive site.

If you prefer to see the reasons why you should adopt Flat Design in images and beautiful colours, take a look at this poster.

 Pixaal - 5 Reason Why Flat Design Might Be a Good Trend

If you have any other opinion on Flat Design, we’d love to hear your opinion on the comment section below.

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