Website Matters!


It was a lazy evening on a Saturday where I had some friends over to watch a film, and life is not yet complete without some grub. Being the lazy creature I am, I thought of ordering (a certain fast food restaurant) takeaways for everyone, saving me the time to fry those chicken wings. And I was immediately put off by the Indonesian site’s homepage and changed my mind to serve my emergency noodle rations, which I reckon taste better anyway. But my point is why not have a properly designed website to give a better image of your restaurant? Surely they have profited enough to invest a little of it to make a proper website.

Digital advertising only needs little capital, and in terms of being an investment to a company, it is economical, efficient, and high in ROI. It can reach a wide audience and just by having a website, it can increase the credibility of a company. However, do not forget that a website is there to inform/educate those who view it, so it has to be attractive, functional, and informative. Though the problems with Indonesia are; first, slow internet connection; and second, low internet penetration.

When I said slow internet connection, it means not fast enough when compared to other countries. Per se, Indonesian’s telecommunication infrastructure does not have the ability to fully support the current technology as competently as other countries just yet; but it is catching up fast. Web developers have to take this into account (that not all people have access to high-speed internet) when creating a website. Normally, using Flash animation is the easiest way to attract web user though IT IS NOT the only way, because Flash-based website is slow loading and heavy on the browser. And currently, the trend is leaving behind Flash to embrace newer technology such as HTML5, CSS, and so on.

To us, urban dwellers, we want everything to be fast; we do not have an extra second to spare. And if a web user has to find his/her way around a website to get information, the website is probably poorly designed and a complete waste of time and, I guarantee, will increase your stress. This is why every web designer has to stretch their imaginations in designing how the web should look. The increasing trend is to go for the minimal and clean look and maximizing the use of photos, therefore less text clutter. And I can promise you, it will still be fun.

A website is an embodiment of a company’s image, a source for the company’s information, and a medium to deliver the company’s message, so it has to be able to convince a web user in one glance. Pretty things are pretty, no?

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