Web Design Trends 2013

That’s it! 2012 is over, but I’d like to take this chance to share about what the web thinks for the web design trend in 2013.

Responsive Web Design

I am sure that during these past few months, a lot of websites change theirs to a responsive one. A few familiar sites: http://thenextweb.com and http://mashable.com.

And it works like a charm! Site viewing experience mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is on par with the viewing experience on desktop.

It is not like it all has to change and use responsive web design. But, it will be good to take it into consideration if you, or web designers, are building a new site (from scratch or even redesign). Everything is going to be digitized and everyone is going mobile. People access website not only on their desktop but also through mobile phones. After all, reading online magazines or getting news through social media is not that uncommon now.


Large Typography

As you all may have seen, typography is the thing! Look at the large text and creative fonts as images; they add visual elements to the website.

So even though there are a lot of texts, the reading will not be boring.


Parallax and Vertical Scrolling

The use of parallax and vertical scrolling has increased, because when designed properly, it can draws in the site visitors. And it is attractive.

Since it removes the navigation bar, it somehow allows users to navigate the site easily. Just scroll, scroll, and scroll.




A website is the representation of a brand in the digital world. So web designers, not only they have to design an attractive and functional website, they also have to think about the brand image that the site will represent.


Full Page Background

If you have a nice high resolution image, put it in your homepage. It is always attractive and a nice way to greet your site visitors. But try not to overdo it.


Single Page Layout

Single page layout design is usually used for personal website or portfolios. In the design, we cannot insert a lot of details. However, web designers can direct site visitors to the necessary information, give them an experience while browsing a site.


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