The Advantages of Custom Web Design

Today, having a business online is the best way to reach potential clients and not to mention that it helps your business tremendously. By taking your business online, it is accessible to a wider market and thus increasing the potential to take your business worldwide.

There are lots of advantages by choosing a custom website design. Compared to a template web design, custom web design will create a unique and powerful website that has been tailored to suit your business ideals (including your targeted market).

You may find yourself saying that it is not THAT necessary to have a custom web design; something along the lines “Template site serves my purpose and saves me tons of money”. It is quite true. However, think about this, there is not much that you can change with a template website. Simply said, custom web design is very dynamic, it gives you the freedom to change anything you want and deemed necessary, while template does not.
Here are the five main advantages of using custom web design:

1. Adaptability
A custom site will have all the features you wish to use to market your business. Your web designer team can help you compile a list of features which they can implement onto the site itself. And if you are on a strict budget, you can discuss which point in the list of features will have priority and which one can be added later.

2. Unique Design
When you need something completely original and eye catching, custom site design is the only way to go. The features, functions, and design will be completely planned out specific to the purpose of the website. It can also include new design techniques that would improve site usability. And because it is custom build site, whenever the need to edit, change, or add additional functions arise, it can be easily done.
Your website will stand out on its own compared to your competitors (and others too!). And you won’t have to worry about competing others to legally buy the same template as it is yours. In fact, you can ‘sue’ other if they have the same site design as yours.

3. Search Engine Friendly
By hiring the right web designer, your custom web design will be constructed to be search engine friendly. It is important to know how your site programming can influence your site success in the search engines ranking.
On the other hand, a template web design will limit your wish to customize the site and most are not built to be search engine friendly. Also, if the website template is found to use antiquated coding, it might not work in all browsers. Browser specific features are another sign of antiquated coding.

4. Scalability
This involves creating a unique site architecture which takes any future features/upgrades into consideration. A good web designer will consider all aspect of future site developments that can be done and select the right technique to design and develop your site. So when the time is right, these future upgrades can be done without having to develop/design the site again.

5. Longevity
By using a custom web design, it can almost guarantee you a longer lasting website. A customized website has a longer shelf life due to the fact that it won’t be developed merely to meet your present day demands but to look into the future. Custom web design does take longer development but it will last for years. If it is done right, the upgrade will be much simpler next time around as well.

Making an investment in custom web design will be one of the choices your company should make. From overall control and unique design to the ability to capture your target audience more effectively, the decision should be an easy one to make.

Pixaal is a web design agency based in the heart of bustling city, Jakarta, Indonesia. We specialize in web design, branding, graphic design and digital marketing.

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Albert P says :
September 24, 2013

There are many advantages In custom web design to create brand value or online reputation for your business.I am appreciating your post that you have focused each point to stay sick your website against your competitors in the global market.

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