Social Media and Networking

Why Integrate SocialNetworks to Your Website

If you have never heard of Facebook/Twitter, where have you been living? Seriously, there is nothing more productive than spending 8 hours a day updating status, leaving messages on your buddies’ wall, or poking them. Social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and the list goes on, they are now an essential part of our lives. Okay… jokes aside, who could have guessed that Facebook user in Indonesia ranked second place in the world. And most of the users are aged 13 to 25.

Due to the rise of mobile technology, more and more people own smartphones, and so it is not weird to check Twitter and Facebook updates more often than emails. Even I have to admit my phone is used 99% for social networking. In addition, social media sites have integrated a sharing system simply by clicking a button; information sharing has never been easier. Well-known companies take advantage on how information sharing by the people can be done anywhere at any time. They adopt digital marketing to get information, educating the people, conducting focus group about new products, and even seeking out possibilities for new market.

There are also various ways for companies to increase their brand awareness, for example: integrating a promotion within a social network, making social games that can use their Facebook/ Twitter account for less hassle, and well you get my point. Moreover, they get talked about on the web, given reviews, shared by millions of people, decreasing the gap between brand and customer; they are mad not to use social networking sites. However small your business is, if you can manipulate social networking/media sites to get your brand out there, even a home scale laundry business can get famous.

However, according to a survey conducted by SocialStrategy1, there are still a small portion of companies that do not believe in the power of social media. They believe it would not make any impact whether they use it or not. In my humble opinion, that would have to depend on what kind of business they are in. And I would prefer if big luxury brands (i.e: Hermes, Montblanc, Patek Philippe) stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.

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