Tips on How to Choose Fonts

How to Choose Font - Pixaal

1. Just like going on dates, choose perfectly what you use Some of us may choose fonts based on fonts that could represent a personal style. However, picking out a font is not a simple matter. It is like choosing the kind of clothes you have to wear, considering your style or the occasion you [...]

A to Z Animal Facts


With this infographic, I would like to share with you all the various facts about animals that you may not know before. I bet most of you have not even heard about an animal named Uakari, so let’s learn together about the unique animal facts with this infographic. Enjoy!

Web Design Trends 2013


That’s it! 2012 is over, but I’d like to take this chance to share about what the web thinks for the web design trend in 2013. Responsive Web Design I am sure that during these past few months, a lot of websites change theirs to a responsive one. A few familiar sites: and [...]