How to Get A Graphic Design Job?

How to Get A Graphic Design Job?

How to Get A Graphic Design Job?

My friend, creative industry is a harsh world. Not only you have to be equipped with highly creative minds and a set of skills, you will also need guts and determination in order to be successful.

Graduating with a BA, one of our designer shares how and why she chose to become a site designer.

Why do you choose to study design?

To be honest, like most people, I want to avoid calculation so I took design. Thinking I could relax, design is actually very demanding. The only relax time I get is during exam time, because I only need to submit my works to the dean and that’s it!

Then, how was the learning process in the beginning? Do you encounter any difficulties? 

It was not THAT difficult, the important thing is to enjoy in what you are doing. And for difficulties, it is something that I believe every design student has experience, my design often rejected by the lecturer. Since design is very subjective, what I think is good might not be the case for my lecturer.

What is your very first designing job?

Well, I do remember designing for a local university. At the time, they want to introduce a new major, Food Technology, by creating an event. So I was asked to design a poster and banner for the event. And since the target market was high school students, I designed it with lots of colour to make it look fun and attractive.

It’s a little different than what you are doing now, how do you end up designing for sites then?

Since I thought just drawing a logo or keep doing one thing is boring. While designing sites you get to think about the concept, the layouts, logos, and so on. You get to design a lot of things at one time and that’s why it is interesting.

Sometimes you get annoying clients, will you keep still designing?

Definitely! If not, I would have quit a long time ago.

Anything you want to say to the design students?

Not particularly. Just remember to love what you’re doing.

From this, it does not seem that hard to be a designer but whether you can make it as a designer or not will have to depend on yourself. Some advice from me to you all budding designers (of all kinds):

  • Take any good job that can improve your portfolio
  • Let your imagination run wild
  • Be perceptive of your surrounding (it can be your inspiration)
  • And dare to be different

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