A to Z Animal Facts


With this infographic, I would like to share with you all the various facts about animals that you may not know before. I bet most of you have not even heard about an animal named Uakari, so let’s learn together about the unique animal facts with this infographic. Enjoy!

Christmas in Every Country


Merry Christmas everyone! I guess you all gather around with your families to celebrate Christmas, right? In Indonesia, there aren’t a lot of traditions to celebrate Christmas, but in other countries each have their own traditions. To expand your knowledge, we have created an infographic about ‘Christmas in Every Country’. There are a lot of [...]

Creative Spaces Contest


Hi everyone! We are taking part in awwwards competition about creative spaces. And unfortunately, we are selected for the Final Vote!! Hooray! You can see our working space here So if you like our colourful working space, please like us here: http://www.awwwards.com/creative-spaces-contest-the-final-countdown.html You can also tweet the competition to let your families, friends, colleagues, etc vote. Hurry, [...]