Tips on How to Choose Fonts

How to Choose Font - Pixaal

1. Just like going on dates, choose perfectly what you use Some of us may choose fonts based on fonts that could represent a personal style. However, picking out a font is not a simple matter. It is like choosing the kind of clothes you have to wear, considering your style or the occasion you [...]

Design Inspiration


Look at what our designers had created in their busy schedule. Well, I suppose it is one way to release their stress. Unlike the other project, with this “Friday Fun”, they are free to create anything they want. So here are some of their creations: And last but not least, this one is our company [...]

Why Integrate Social Networks to Your Website

Why Integrate SocialNetworks to Your Website

We just cannot deny how social networks are taking over our lives. For regular public, there are Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Path, whereas designers or artistic people tend to use Dribbble, Deviant Arts, Pinterest, Behance to show their works. YouTube is a special case, but it can be appropriate to some. And those are just a [...]