How to Get A Graphic Design Job?

by Marcia Posted in Design September 20, 2012 0
My friend, creative industry is a harsh world. Not only you have to be equipped with highly creative minds and a set of skills, you will also need guts and determination in order to be successful. Graduating with a BA, one of our designer shares how…

Social Media and Networking

by Marcia Posted in Media September 18, 2012 0
If you have never heard of Facebook/Twitter, where have you been living? Seriously, there is nothing more productive than spending 8 hours a day updating status, leaving messages on your buddies' wall, or poking them. Social networking sites like: Facebook,…

Website Matters!

by Marcia Posted in Inspiration September 14, 2012 0
It was a lazy evening on a Saturday where I had some friends over to watch a film, and life is not yet complete without some grub. Being the lazy creature I am, I thought of ordering (a certain fast food restaurant) takeaways for everyone, saving me…