Discover and Listen

First, we start by listening to your needs. We then took a depth understanding about your business and your consumers and use them as a key concept to create a successful work. This in return will provide the best chosen strategies for us to apply.

Strategy and Plan

We understand that each business is unique. Each business has different priority level on their project. We will carefully examine your technical and content constraints and help you to create a strategy about the project. And rank everything into an actionable/executable roadmap that will drive the design process.

Concept and Invent

At this phase, solutions come into view. We had already understood where your company position is in the market and which action we should take to strengthen your business position. We can continue to discover fresh solutions as we define the conceptual design.

Design and Define

Our team will create the best possible design and work closely with our user experience team best suited for the project. Next, we need to define all the functional elements of the design before any development can truly begin.

Build and Develop

At this step, we will deliver a clear and detailed designs and specifications and continue to provide ongoing support for development. Our team will build and develop a precise design and specifications with full attention down to the details. This is Pixaal specialties that include client and server side development, e-commerce, content management system and CRM.

Bug and Deploy

We ensure all design and functionality is ready before they are launched. User testing, quality assurances and reviews are conducted during the testing phase. When the stages are complete, we work with the client's internal IT department to deploy and launch the site at their live production environment.

Manage and Grow

It is not possible to do everything at once. We will continually work with you to make the changes that will happen and provide a solution to any problems that may arise in the future. We also guide your growth by continually evaluating the effectiveness of the design and building on their successes which will increase your Return of Investment.